Who am I?

Ted’s Home on the Web

Ted′s a Happy Camper in Denali National Park
I′m a pretty senior computer geek, and I′ve been up to it for a while. I′ve settled with my family in Massachusetts after growing up in Connecticut and starting a family in Vermont.
There′s also a separate web site devoted to the Burghart family.

My Work

What do I do? Distributed and modular systems ... pretty much everything about them. What I really like is upping their elegance factor, through developing things the right way and mentoring others about what that means and why it′s important. My recent focus has been on security, not because it′s a new subject, but because so many people seem so determined not to grasp it.

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Computing Interests

Non-computing Interests

Writings, Ruminations and Rants

I′m slowly building up this section with things I′ve written in the past as I dredge them up and reformat them, and maybe even some current thoughts as I get them formulated.

Software Odds and Ends

I′m a tinkerer and a software geek, so of course I′ve written a bunch of tools and the like for my own use, as well as stuff that can only be described as exploratory. I believe in giving back to society, so when I think I′ve created something useful that a) doesn′t compromise anyone′s intellectual property rights (except my own) and b) isn′t something that will enable me to retire early, I′m inclined to give it away. Free.

Like the section above, this is a work in progress, so it′ll probably be a while (if ever) before it′s fully populated.